Mr. Paulson was first trained as a mediator by the Center for Dispute Resolution in Boulder, Colorado in 1989. He worked as a full-time mediator and trainer for the Mediation Center in St. Paul, and has taught dispute resolution to lawyers and law students. Over the years he conducted a large number of mediations and arbitrations through local courts, various dispute resolution services, and directly for clients.

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The substance of disputes handled most frequently includes construction, commercial/business contracts, disputes including energy companies or consumers, and employment law. Mediation and arbitration of energy disputes may include disagreements between utilities or other energy providers, utilities and customers, independent power producers and utilities, or contractors or financiers and owners of energy facilities involved in development, design, construction, financing or operation of energy facilities.

Mediation and arbitration is confidential and proceedings can be conducted in our offices or at other agreed locations.  For matters not subject to court rules or the rules of a mediation or arbitration service, we charge only a small administrative fee and our normal hourly rate for time actually spent on the matter, rather than fees based on the size of the dispute.  We believe this fee structure makes services more affordable and total fees more fair to parties, whether the dispute involves substantial amounts, or a lower amount of monetary damages.

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